Race Strategies

By Jon Shastid

Key Points for Springs [50/100/200]:

Sprinting is really "controlled panic." For fast movement you must practice fast movement.

Train with over-speed and overloaded conditions a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks prior. Good drill: "swim ugly" for short distance (25 yards moving your legs and arms as fast as you can. Form is not an issue. Do no more than 25 (i.e., not 50's), or technique can suffer. One other consideration: the correlation between strength and sprint speed is absolute: the stronger you are (dry-land training), the faster you sprint.


1. visualize

2. the start

3. breath control (1 to 2 down; 2 to 3 back; and hold between flags)

4. set up for the turn and finish


1. nail start and turns

2. make each 25 faster

3. breath in the beginning

4. visualize


1. visualize

2. breathe well and frequently early

3. make each 50 faster

4. big arms in the first 100; big legs in the last (NOTE: since the first 40 seconds of a race can maximize lactate, avoiding this buildup through using arms over legs is important)